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A section devoted to listing antique related business. Dealers, Auctions, Publications, Restoration, Appraisers, Malls, Galleries, Shipping, and Show promoters. You can read about the section, browse the section, or do an advanced search. These antique related business may also post a free listing in this section. You will have to login once. It will take about 30 seconds.

Wanted to Buy

You may read or post a "wanted to buy" classified ad for free. There are many categories. You may read about the section, browse the section, or do an advanced search. To Post a wanted go here. If you would like to see a category added please contact the webmaster.

For Sale

The section for everyone to post and view items listed for sale. You may and are encouraged to upload photos in jpg or gif formats. You may read about the section, browse the section, or do an advanced search. Post a for sale ad here.

Online Dealers

This is where antique related business can get their own free page on our site. You may read about this offer, or browse the dealers. We know of no other site providing this free service.

Calendar of Events

New!Enter your shows, sales, auctions and events here. You may view the calendar, or enter an event. To enter an event please use the login and password "admin" no quotes.

Add your own links

New!Your favorite links, dealer links, antique related site and others! Click here Check out the links added. The categories are the same as in AntiqueFindIt.

.Find the Value

This is a page of information that can help you identify the approximate value of your items. We do not offer any appraisals at this site. Included is a list of sites, basic information and helpful hints. If you would like to be added to this section contact the webmaster. To view this section click here


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding this web site. Questions about the the classifieds section. How to become a Preferred Dealer. Upcoming changes. Actual absurd e-mails. The place we stash anything for any reason.

Whatisit? "What is it,?" a fun way to impress your friends with your completely useless collection of obscure knowledge! Win absolutely nothing but pride! OPEN! Updated on 02/02/2000


Ideas? Sure, we would like to hear from you! Type too small? Webmaster too slow? Images too goofy? Send your email to the Webmaster, who may even read it! Warning! Do not ask about antique shows dates( The NY Pier Shows etc.), appraisals, lists of dealers in your area or other non-site related material. Webmaster has no knowledge of such items. We keep him in a cave with a 40 watt bulb and crackers. We toss alot of email out, don't let yours be in that pile! We are AntiqueRoadShow.com, "The Place to Find Anything Antique Related".