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Whatisit? is a almost weekly feature that showcases some of the obscure items of American history. Each week a new item will be posted. Readers are encouraged to send e-mail with answers. Best, Right and Silliest will be posted. Be creative! Get an appraisal at Eppraisal.com

Item #3 Send email here Please include "Whatisit" in subject line.

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17th century iron and wood thing. Hand Forged iron. Shows signs of heavy usage. Probably European. The chain slips through the hole in the oak wood part. Wood is about 12 inches long. Ok, Whatisit?


  • used to pull your goat around-Bill
  • torture device
  • early wallet protector-John
  • early adjustable snow chain-Mary
  • belt and watch clip
  • semi-torture device-Waldo
  • A surveyor's tool
  • a bridal (for horses)-Sammie
  • handle to pull early fish traps up and over the side back into the boat DAN
  • Slave harness-David
  • This is the first version of the tarp strap. KMS
  • I think that this is an early dentists tool to remove rotten teeth. The dentist puts the hook around the tooth that needs tending and place the large wooden part into slot on the back of a wagon. He then proceeds to give the horse driving the wagon a swat with the whip and as he takes off the tooth is extracted. Quick and to the point!

Answer According to the auction house it came through it was an early European restraining device.

Item #2 36 inches tall 6 inches diameter, cast iron center and hook with copper ringing and wires


  • A corn dryer-Jim
  • A back scratcher-Pat
  • It is a hop dryer used to dry wheat, barley, corn and hops for horse feed.-Jeff
  • An early closet organizer???-eswilling
  • a well scrubber-david
  • It is an old bird feeder for fat, but, also the wires are electrifide tokeep out the squralls. If you look, you can see a small pipe on the bottom. A metal post stuck up in that, at the bottom was a smalltray to keep the dead squarrls off your lawn. When you took that off, another tray was there to catch the blood that ran out through the pipe - elliott, (personal favorite)
  • Its an early version of an electro-magnetic conductor-Angela
  • an inner head cover of a knights suit of armor-Phantom
  • A bug catcher-Carla
  • to hang tobacco leaves on, so that they can dry evenly-Alan
  • It is one of the first molds used to produce swiss cheese .-Pete

it is a chimney sweeps tool for lowering into chimney's to eliminate creosote buildup-Frank

Item #1


  • Bee keepers mask
  • Fencing mask
  • Cantaloupe seed separator
  • Dog head protector
  • Early baseball catchers mask
  • Neurosurgeon operating grid guide
  • To wear underneath a wig, to keep hair in
  •  a prisoners mask, to protect guards from getting bitten?
  • It's head gear you wear under a wig to make you look younger. ( non-surgical face lifter).
  • Hannibal the Cannibal's mask from Silence of the Lambs
  • it is possibly a headliner for an armored suit
  • protective cricket mask
  • After giving it much study, I have come to the conclusion that the item is a pizza makers training mask.This mask was invented due to the fact that so many pizza makers were smothered to death as a result of thrown pizza dough wrapping around their face, cutting off all oxygen to the trainee (My personal favorite)

Correct answer: To the best of our knowledge it is an early baseball catchers mask. (Although we have had no expert say so)