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Due to the overwhelming amount of email sent to the webmaster, and to avoid future problems, complaints, and disappointments we ask that you read the following to ensure that your email is indeed going to the right place.

  • The webmaster is the person or persons responsible for the actual website layout, function and design.
  • The webmaster has no idea what anything is worth
  • There are no appraisers at this address
  • There are no free appraisals at this site
  • Do not send pictures with out asking first.
  • We are happy to hear ideas, complaints and suggestions about this site.
  • We are happy to assist anyone in placing, modifying or deleting any free listing
  • We would be pleased to add you to our Preferred Dealers Listing Pages
  • To get an online appraisal we recommend Eppraisal.com


I have read the following and I think my email should still go to the webmaster

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We are not trying to make it difficult to reach the webmaster, but when we get 75-100 pieces of email it is very hard to find the ones that pertain to this site and its structure.. We thank you for your understanding