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Become an AntiqueRoadShow.com Preferred Dealer In 3 Easy steps
Tell me about getting my own web site, designed by the same webmaster as this site. Here
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Step 1 You are an Antique Dealer and want to be on the web, but have no computer experience?  Just need one or two pages with information leading customers to your shop? Increase visibility and customer awareness?  How about 6 pictures and all the text you can write, for free for one whole year? That's only $0.00 a month! Sell your merchandise for free! List your business for free! List your wanted to buy list for free! email the webmaster for more information.

Step 2 You have been thinking about getting on the web, but do not have the knowledge nor the time, we have a solution .  For Zero dollars, we will design your page, include all information you wish , place it on a server, promote your site, and include any links you may want. You do not need to have a digital camera or computer experience.  You will need to send us clear photographs

Step 3 The only thing you have to do is to provide us with the pictures (up to 6) and the information you wish to place in your web page.  You can mail them, you can e-mail me, you can find us in Brimfield's Heart-o-the-Mart or you can stop by the shop. Anyway you look at it, we are here to help make your business grow. Work and site provided by Crazy Fish Web Designs

Information you should include:

  • A copy of your business card, this can be your logo and does not count as one of your pictures
  • Up to 6 pictures. We suggest you show group shots instead of one or two items
  • Shop location, directions and hours
  • Phone Number
  • Contact name or names
  • Any artwork you want to have included in your page, some restrictions apply
  • Links and addresses you want posted on your page, if any. You will be automatically linked from this site
  • A list of shows that you are planning to attend (under construction)
  • A list of the types of merchandise that you sell, be specific, a search engine will be added here.
  • Shipping and handling policies
  • You must offer a 100% guarantee as to the piece being as described, both in terms of condition and age. The time period is up to you.
  • Acceptable payments, i.e. check credit cards etc.
  • Anything else you feel is relevant.

One full page of reasonable length is included. Additional pages or site design is available Complete sites start at $1200, databases start at $800

The 100% guarantee is 30 days from the time you see your site, make changes in it and are happy with the final result.  We would rather have you feel that you have invested a small sum of money wisely than to have any doubts or regrets.  To make billing easier, any part of a year is prorated by month. Renewals will be billed in January

Free listings are available to any Business in the Antique Industry. ARS Preferred dealers will have their own page and be listed at the top of the pages in the searches.

OTHER BENEFITS to becoming an ARS Preferred Dealer:

  • Your listing will be placed at the top of the searches
  • You get a full page right on this site so browsers can quickly and easily get to your information
  • Free "For Sale" section. You may post your merchandise for free on this site. We don't know of any other site that does this. No commissions or fees.
  • Free "Wanted to Buy" listings.
  • Discount on upgrading to full web site package


New ARS Preferred Dealers

This is updated as needed.

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Old Timers Antique Clocks