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Website Design and Services


The webmaster of this site, Crazy Fish Designs, can provide you with a professionally designed web presence for much less than you think. As an Antiques Dealer, they understand the needs and wants of Antique Professionals. We are able to set up your site within a two week period. We supply everything you need. We can register your domain name, set up your server and customize your site to reflect you and your business. Or we can just add parts and pieces as you need them.

Our goal is to make your site simple, elegant, fast loading and easy to navigate. We can add a database so you wont hardly ever even need to contact us, saving you money and time. A data base is a small program written for the web that allows you to upload, change and delete your inventory, with out any out side assistance. Data bases start at $800 for a custom program written for your needs. You may also read helpful information at our website

We offer free pages to Antique Related Business, and web help. For more information on single free pages click here

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