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Please read the following before making any postings. We are just trying to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. We thank you for your time. If you are having problems modifying your listing go here

PREFERRED DEALERS. They have taken the time to post their own web page here. More Information is available on the individual pages than on the search engine with up to 6 photographs. This service is free . Read more about becoming a Preferred Dealer here also.

"ANTIQUEFINDIT" section is where DEALERS, APPRAISERS, AUCTION HOUSES ETC. can be found. ONLY they may post their listings here. Please DO NOT put a "for sale" or anything else here. It only confuses the issue and is not a benefit to the general public. Wrongful placements are deleted. We thank those business who have entered their own data. We wish to make this the largest online data base available. This section will always be free.

"FOR SALE" ....Free, please enter as many items as you wish. Many categories to chose from. We thank you for your listing. Please put it in the "For Sale" section

"WANTED TO BUY" section is where dealers can post their wish lists, wanted to buy lists, and people can seek interested parties based on those items and categories. Free.

ANTIQUESHOWDATES section will be a place where Show Promoters can enter their show dates, times, directions, and other information. Readers can then browse and find shows in their area on any given dates. This is a Free service.

There is no APPRAISAL section here. We do not offer any type of appraisal services here. We do however try to maintain an ever growing list of Professional Appraisers.. Professional Appraisers are paid for their services Check out Eppraisal.com!

First time users who wish to post a listing in any section will have to register. This is for security reasons and will only take about 2 minutes. This is a one time deal. Your user name and login are good unless you have no activity for one year. You do not have to register to browse listings.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


Take me to:

AntiqueFindIt Find antique related sources, always free

For Sale:: Post or view items for sale, free

Preferred Dealers View the special dealers here

Wanted to Buy: List what you are looking to buy here.

Antique Show Dates: Under construction

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To Modify Your Free Listing:

IF your listing was posted by someone else:

If you want to add, change or otherwise modify your listing, and this is the first time you have tried to do so, follow these instructions.

1) Register. Go into the section for which your listing is posted and click on the "Place listing". You will be asked to enter your name and password OR below that, to set that information up.

2) Send the webmaster an email telling them the listing number you want to take control of, AND your user name. The webmaster will switch the user name to your user name. No one else can change your information except for you.

3) When you get an email back from the webmaster, it will confirm that you have access and control of your listing. We appreciate you taking the time and effort to do so. We have these precautions so that no one can change ANYONE'S listing but their own.

4) You can NOT search for your listing by LISTING NUMBER. You can only modify the free listing that way by clicking on the "Modify?Renew" link located on the left hand side of the database. You can find your listing by a regular search, by Name, State etc.

IF your listing was posted by you:

If you entered your own data into the listing but forgot your user name or password, follow these instructions.

1) Go into the section where your listing is located. Click on the "Modify/Renew" link on the left hand side of the data base screen. When prompted to enter your name and password, scroll down and pick one of the three choices: You should pick either the "Forgot your Password" or "Forgot your Username". This will then ask you for some information to find the answers you are looking for. For security reasons it will EMAIL you the reply. This is so that no one else can modify your listing.

2) Get your email and then follow the regular steps taken to add, modify or otherwise change your listing.